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Shmuel Flash is one of the well known production trio ‘Flash Brothers’ – the top electronic dance music producers to come out of Tel Aviv in Israel. Since he grew up as teenager at school in his home town Nazareth Illit he used to listen with his brothers to the most upfront music in all genres through radio and TV. Shmuel’s musical background started from late 80’s hip hop as well as Acid House and following electronic genres.

Along with the brothers in the early 90’s he started mixing records together and beginning to learn and explore computers and how to create music. In 1997 he had with the brothers the first professional demo tracks which were chosen to pass to Choopie, Israel’s top DJ then and manager of his independent dance label Agnosia Records. He decided to sign the guys as artists of the label and since then started to act as the manager of the brothers and releasing their first tracks on his living Agnosia compilation albums across Israel. Things from there started to go off with international single releases of the trio (as back then on top labels as Perfecto, Hooj Choons…) and Shmuel started to work afterwards on his own ideas and tracks at Agnosia’s studio.

The results were impressive while he released tracks on labels such as: Bedrock, Yoshitoshi ,Alternative route, etc… plus releasing tunes on leading compilation CDs, as: Steve Lawler’s “Light’s Out”, Hernan Cattaneo’s “Perfecto Presents”, Satoshi Tomiie’s “Nu Breed”, Cream’s “Future Chill”, etc… His tune “Chilling Moments” was his most successful as got to no-7 in the official UK dance chart in summer 2002 while released on Bedrock and had remixes by John Digweed and Nick Muir. Towards to 2004, Shmuel and the brothers had more releases and worldwide gigs while their biggest track “Amen” was signed to Oxyd records in Italy and was one of the hottest tunes in WMC 2004 in Miami and afterwards in Ibiza as well. It was signed to the UK’s major dance label Direction on Sony UK and got to the official UK singles chart at no-75. Alongside the trio’s big success, Shmuel kept DJing and producing his own projects and in mid 2005 he started to collaborate with his good friend and a promising young producer called Huge-A.

Their first production was an Uplifting House tune called “It’s gonna be alright” which was signed Eyezcream Records and got massive support from many top DJs around the world, especially Judge Jules who played it every week on his well known Radio 1 shows. Shmuel and Huge-A together continue working together and released another great tracks like “Fafloyze” on Robbie Rivera’s label ‘Juicy Music’, this track was out also on ‘Juicy Miami’ compilation mix CD of Rivera. Another one of their tracks is “Going Crazy” that signed in italian label Diamond records, and already released on Diamond’s latest ‘Miami Wmc 2006’ Sampler.

They also signed a hot new tune now called “No markets” in Oxyd records from Italy. this track will be release later this year with some remixes to follow… Shmuel and Huge-A also working together on remixes, their first remix was for Flash Brothers tune called “Faith In Love” on Mondo Records. And finished some other new remixes for labels as Basswalk, Phonetic and powerplant music. At the same time Shmuel and the brothers keep on rocking worldwide with their gigs, fans, top DJs support, released music and lots of guests radio appearances…

25 years old, was born in Israel, and currently lives in a small town called Ofakim in south of Israel. He started to get interested in music and singing in his childhood, when he grew up he advanced to become a radio broadcaster and also broadcasted a musical section in a TV show. with help from a friend who taught him everything he needed to know, Adir started his DJing career when he was 14 years old.

As Adir turned 18 years old, he started to get interested in house music and additional genres of electronic music a long with producers and DJs in the industry. as time passed Adir decided to develop his creative side and started to use Cubase SX, and sent demos to DJs and labels. in mid 2005 Adir started to work together as well with Shmuel Flash and their first production was “It’s Gonna Be Alright” that came out in Eyezcream Rec. in beginning of 2006.The track got massive support from many top DJs around the world, especially Judge Jules who played it every week on his well known BBC Radio 1 shows. Adir and Shmuel continue working together and released another great track’s like “Fafloyze” on Robbie Rivera’s label Juicy Music that featured also on ‘Juicy Miami’ compilation mix CD of Rivera. Another one of their tracks is “Going Crazy” that signed in Italian label Diamond Rec., and also featured in Diamond’s ‘Miami WMC 2006’ Sampler.

Adir and Shmuel also worked at the same time on remixes, and released them in labels as Mylo, Hunya Munya, Mondo, Powerplant, Aphrodisio, Stereo FX, etc… their remix for Flat Mode’s “Play This Game” is released in Mylo recordings from Germany and featured in many compilation mix cds in the German territories and their awesome remix for Distant Fragment’s “Chasing Memories” released in Hunya Munya label got plenty of dj supports from the likes of Tiësto, Cosmic Gate, Matt Darey, Noel Sanger, Jose Amnesia, etc….

As for Adir himself, he also signed his solo productions, as his first solo release was “Easy To Reach” that came out in Sog Rec. this release featured a remix by Greed & Mental-X and featured on a compilation CD called “The SOGfiles MMVI presents PHATJAK”. Adir’s big breakthrough and most successful release till today was “Frisky Cyber” that came in 2007 in Mylo Rec. from Germany. this track featured in many compilation albums in label like : Zyx, Sony BMG, More Music etc…

Recently Adir released another 2 solo tracks. One of them called “Time Code” which signed again in Hunya Munya label and will feature a remix by Nosmo V Kris.B. the second tune called “Claustrophobia” that signed in Slammin Muzik label and will have few remixes… one of them by Dumb Dan…

So there’s a lot more to come by this promising young artist…

“My producing involved one special person ‘Shmuel Flash’ who supported me and believed in my music and my strive to success, because of him I am more determined today to succeed and produce new floorfillers”

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